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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Google Wave...wave of the future?

Interesting, today I read about Google Wave which promises to be the "wave" of the future. Some are claiming it will be the end of email and other types of communication. Hmmm. Doubtful, but it may be an exciting option for people who are using collaboration tools. For instance, Google Wave will have the ability to allow synchronous or asynchronous communication, allow easy file transfer, and allow for extendability with gadgets. Since I just finished 2 years of using online collaboration tools, this should be very interesting to see as it rolls out. I, for one, will be trying it out. The image below links out to a presentation by Google.

Here is a link to "whatisgooglewave.com"if you want more information.

Note: This is NOT for Edtech 795B, although it might have made a good futurewatch post if I had time to work it out.

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